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Meet the Growers

Eldon Family Eldon Tall

Peshastin, Washington
“My son John farms with me and our families are involved. The grandkids even work where they can. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun.”
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Jennifer Euwer Jennifer Euwer

Parkdale, Oregon
“Everything we do in our orchard, we try to do in a long-term sustainable manner.  We’ve been here for close to 100 years and it’s nice to think that we could continue to do this on this same piece of land."
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Groff Family The Groff Family

Entiat, Washington
“We’re growing something that’s good for our children and for the general population. It’s a feel-good career!”
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Schmitten Family The Schmitten Family

Cashmere, Washington
“The first pears were planted here in about 1875, and my family has been farming here since the turn of the century.”
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Andrew Sundquist, USA Pear Grower Andrew Sundquist

Yakima, Washington
“For me it was a lifestyle and then a legacy.”
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